Thank you for your interest in Talent X Alexander. We accept submissions from talent of all ages, sizes and ethnicities. Please submit online only and DO NOT call the office. If we are interested, one of our agents will contact you within 2 weeks.

TXA exclusively represents talent primarily sourced from the Midwest. Some exceptions may apply ONLY if talent is willing to be a local hire and travel in as needed at their own expense. All children must reside within 3 hrs (driving) of Chicago.

To fully consider your submission, please submit current photos, stats and for talent over 3 yrs of age, please include a 1 minute intro video.Tell us about yourself - your likes, hobbies, special skills, experience, why you are interested in representation and what makes you unique. We want to get to know you better and see your personality shine!

If you are an experienced actor, please include a resume, demo reel and/or recent self tape.

If you are having difficulty submitting through our online application platform please.





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