At Talent X Alexander, ‘X’ isn’t just a letter - it’s a symbol of connection and collaboration - the core of who we are. It represents the sweet spot where teamwork and partnership intersect.

TXA is more than just a talent agency. The Talent X team, led by industry veteran Laura Alexander, is passionate about discovering and developing top talent while serving as a professional partner to production & casting. As a SAG/AFTRA franchised agency, we selectively represent talent of all ages for TV, Film, VO, Theatre, Industrials and Lifestyle Print.

Our dynamic & diverse roster offers clients a wide range of professional talent, while our team with more than 50 years of experience provides first rate service ensuring each project’s success and ease. Our Chicago-based agency has an extensive network of clients and talent all throughout the United States.

At TXA, we pride ourselves on our dedication to nurturing the unique abilities of each talent, amplifying their individual strengths into shared success. It's been an absolute honor to witness the TXA talent shine on set, stage and screen. Their talent inspires us daily and reminds us why we are so passionate and fortunate to do what we do.

Step into the world of Talent X Alexander, where every ‘X’ marks a new world of collaborative possibilities. We look forward to working with you!

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